Melanie McComb (partyupgal4ever) wrote in chem_haters,
Melanie McComb

Extraction Question

This is going to sound like a weird post but let me explain first. I'm retaking organic chemistry II because I wasn't doing very well in it and needed a break last year. I conveniently found some of my old labs that I wrote up, including the pre-lab I'm working on now. I didn't have a regular TA last year when I took it; I had a professor. His writing is atrocious and I can barely read anyting he wrote.

Here was the question: "Why must the organic and aqueous phases be mixed well when performing an extraction?"

I put down that you have to allow the organic phase to mix with the aqueous so that you could pull all of the organic compounds out of the aqueous phase. He said that was wrong and said something about you're actually trying to take out ? ingredients out of the organic layer (? distribution).

Can somebody please explain this to me and try to let me know what he probably meant where I put the question marks?

Thanks in advance!

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