Joanna (joanette) wrote in chem_haters,

PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OK I hope I can post it here, because I'm desperate.
I am really bad at chemistry, I just can't get it, and my professor isn't that much of a help, he barely speaks english!

Is here anyone who would like to help me with my assignement?
I have test on Tuesday and he gave us a review, but we didn't get answers:( And here's the thing, if I don't know the answers how am I gonna know if I'm right?

Here are the links to the assignment...
However it is kinda hard to read them but if saved and then maximized it is much more easier to see what's written.

There's only 20 questions and I'm having such a hard time, I can't figure out most answers. Oh and it is organic chemistry II...

The same thing but different pictures

If it is hard to read that, tell me I'll rewrite it.
Your help will be greatly appreciated, I even can send you music, like if you like COldplay I can send you all the songs from the latest CD.


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