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Chemistry Sucks

It really does

Chemistry Haters Anonymous
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As the community name suggests, we hate chemistry. We wish this subject never existed, as it makes our lives that much more hellish. If you hate chemistry of any form (be it inorganic, organic, physical, or bio), please join our community, and let the bashing begin!


Note: We hate everything in our interests, except good ol' "hatred for chemistry" itself.

Co-moderators: tanyasrc and missfreud
acetals, acid anhydrides, acids, activation energies, alcohols, aldehydes, aldol reactions, alkaloids, alkanes, alkenes, alkoxides, alkynes, allylic rearrangements, allyls, amides, amines, aromaticity, atomic numbers, atoms, bad professors, bases, biochemistry, bond angles, bond lengths, bonds, carbohydrates, carbonyls, carboxylic acids, catalysis, chemical compounds, chemical equations, chemical equilibria, chemistry, chemistry departments, chemistry labs, chirality, chromatography, claisen condensations, compounds, conjugation, covalent bonds, cyclic compounds, delocalization, dextrorotatory, diastereomers, dissociation constants, distillations, electronegativity, electrophiles, electrostatic interactions, elements, elimination reactions, enantiomers, endothermic reactions, energy, enolates, enols, enthalpy, entropy, epoxides, equilibrium constants, esters, ethers, exams, exothermic reactions, extractions, fluids, functional groups, gases, gauche, general chemistry, grignard reagents, halides, hatred for chemistry, hemiacetals, hess's law, hybridization, hydroboration, hydrocarbons, hydrolysis, imines, inductance, inorganic chemistry, ionic bonds, ions, isomers, ketones, kinetics, lab reports, leaving groups, levorotatory, liquids, memorization, methyl groups, molality, molarity, molecular weight, molecules, moles, nitriles, nomenclature, nucleophiles, optical activity, orbitals, organic chemistry, organometallic reagents, ozonolysis, periodic tables, ph, phenols, physical chemistry, polarity, projections, protecting groups, proteins, pushing electrons, racemic mixtures, radicals, reaction coordinates, reaction diagrams, reaction intermediates, reaction mechanisms, reactions, recrystallization, redox reactions, resonance, rotamers, salts, solids, solubility, solutions, spectrometry, spectroscopy, steoreoisomers, stereochemistry, sterics, stoichiometry, structure, stupid teaching assistants, substitution reactions, sulfides, synthesis, tautomerism, tests, thermodynamics, thiols, titration, titration curves, tosylation, wittig reactions